Allergy Defense Dropper

Allergy Defense Dropper


Allergy Defense is a 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil blend designed to fight off allergy symptoms and opens up air ways, making breathing easier. Use for prevention and relief. .5 ounce dropper bottle contains 65-100 applications! 

Ingredients: Lavender (Lavandula Stoechas), Lemon (Citrus Limonum) and Peppermint (Mentha Arvensis) essential oils.

Essential oils are most effective when properly diluted: dilute this blend up to 1:10 with the carrier oil of your choice.

How to use: Diffuse 3-5 drops in an essential oil diffuser for best results. Other ways to diffuse the blend include using an oil warmer or a pot of boiling water on the stove. You can also apply this blend "Neat" (directly on the skin) to the bottoms of your feet, your lower back, (as there are tons of nerve ending in those places that will carry the oils through the body) Applying a small amount to the chest is very helpful as you will be able to smell it throughout the day. Also opening the bottle and inhaling deeply as often as needed is a great way to get relief as the aroma of the oil blend is sensed by the olfactory nerve, located in the back of the nose and carried to the brain where it has it's effect.