The Amazing Barrier Oil Blend!

bare market barrier blend germ defense handmade natural skin care

I know we shouldn't keep being surprised about all the amazing discoveries we keep making about Essential Oils.  After all, our Awesome God, who created all these wonderful plants in the first place, is The Great Physician!!
SO, since God created these amazing plants, with these amazing healing properties, I am excited to learn as much about them as possible, and I hope that you will learn something also.  We can put these naturally healing plants to work for us.
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Bare Market: About the owners

bare market Erica Lee handmade Jenny Groening natural skin care

Welcome to Bare Market!

 Let me introduce myself: My name is Erica Lee. This is me --> 

I am a working, homeschooling mom of two great kids, and a wife. My husband, Wyatt is supportive and hard-working (he is also our computer nerd ;-) These are my babies -->   Jonas is 4 and Lydia is 7.

And my BFF and business partner, Jenny Groening -->   She is a fun, great-hearted woman. I feel so blessed to have her as a friend!  She...

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