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Welcome to Bare Market!

 Let me introduce myself: My name is Erica Lee. This is me --> 

I am a working, homeschooling mom of two great kids, and a wife. My husband, Wyatt is supportive and hard-working (he is also our computer nerd ;-) These are my babies -->   Jonas is 4 and Lydia is 7.

And my BFF and business partner, Jenny Groening -->   She is a fun, great-hearted woman. I feel so blessed to have her as a friend!  She also has two children. Two super cute super sweet girls! Olivia (3) and Corabelle (2) -->  

And is also married to a supportive, hard-working man, Isaac.

    Jenny and I met a few years ago in a moms group called MOPS. We hit it off right away and have been friends ever since!

Jenny taught me how to make handmade, cold-process soap and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and the soap was amazing! We made a habit of getting together and making soap, for ourselves and for gifts and even for barter!

During this process I was learning a lot about essential oils and their health and wellness properties and I got hooked, researching recipes and different uses for different oils...etc..

Jenny and I started experimenting with recipes and making great, natural and beneficial products that you can't easily find at a store; and if you find a great, natural product at the store, it is usually too expensive..

...and that's where Bare Market was born! First of all, we love the process of making our products, starting with bottles of oils in front of you and ending with a finished product.  That each product works wonders for the job intended is rewarding! Secondly, we wanted to make these natural products available to our family and friends and everyone at an affordable cost! It's frustrating when you want to have safe and healthy products for yourself and your family, but they are often expensive and it is hard to find products that have ingredients you can pronounce and are familiar with!

So we went public with our business only a few months ago and already we have gotten great feedback on our products! We sell products in a nearby whole foods store and are doing great there!

If you haven't tried one of our products yet- go check us out! :-)

and *Like our Facebook page to get in on new our new product giveaways! :)



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